Is There a New Cricut Machine Coming Out?

Many Cricut machine users are wondering if a new Cricut machine is coming out anytime soon. The answer to this question is a bit complicated, as there is no clear answer yet. While there have been rumors and speculations about a new Cricut machine, nothing has been officially announced from the company itself.

The Cricut Maker was released in 2017 and it quickly became the most popular cutting machine on the market. Its advanced features and design make it one of the best machines for scrapbooking, card making, and other crafts. Since then, many people have been expecting an upgrade or a new version of the Maker.

It is possible that Cricut could be working on a new machine, as they have recently released some new accessories such as the Explore Air 2 adapter and the Maker Essentials Bundle. The company may be testing out these products before releasing a completely new machine.

In addition, some other companies have released their own cutting machines that are similar to the Cricut Maker. For example, Silhouette has released their own Cameo 4 Pro cutter that has some similar features to the Maker. It could be possible that Cricut is trying to keep up with this competition by releasing their own upgraded version of the Maker.


At this time, it is uncertain if there will be a new Cricut machine coming out soon. There have been rumors circulating online but nothing has been officially announced from Cricut yet. It is possible that they are working on an upgrade or a completely different model in order to compete with other companies’ products on the market.