Is the Cricut Easy Press Better Than Iron?

The Cricut Easy Press and the traditional iron are both excellent tools for pressing fabric. But which is better?

The Cricut Easy Press is great for crafters who need a reliable way to press fabric with precision. It’s a lightweight, handheld device that applies intense heat and pressure onto fabric in one easy step. The adjustable temperature settings allow you to choose the ideal heat for your fabric type, while the timer keeps you from over pressing or burning your projects.

Plus, it’s fast – it only takes around 15 seconds to press a piece of fabric!

Unlike the traditional iron, you don’t need an ironing board with the Cricut Easy Press. It has a flat base that you can use on any hard surface, making it perfect for on-the-go projects. However, because of its size and shape, it can be tricky to reach tight corners or small areas.


  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Timer feature
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Difficult to access small areas/corners


The Cricut Easy Press is an excellent tool for crafters who want precise results without needing an ironing board. It’s lightweight and portable, and its adjustable temperature settings help you get perfect results every time. However, it can be difficult to reach small or tight corners with this tool.

So when deciding if the Cricut Easy Press is better than an iron, it really comes down to personal preference and your project needs!


Is the Cricut Easy Press better than an iron? Ultimately, it depends on your project needs and personal preference; both options offer great results!