Is the Cricut Cake Machine Being Discontinued?

The Cricut Cake Machine is a popular cake decorating tool that has been used by professional and amateur bakers alike for several years. It allows bakers to easily create intricate designs and decorations on cakes with minimal effort. Recently, however, there have been rumors that the Cricut Cake Machine might be discontinued.

The rumors first emerged in a thread on Reddit, where a user claimed that the Cricut company had announced that the machine was being discontinued due to poor sales. This sparked a lot of discussion among fans of the machine, with many expressing their dismay at the potential loss of such a useful tool.

Although Cricut has yet to officially comment on the matter, there are some indications that they may be considering discontinuing the product. For one thing, they have not released any new models of the machine in recent years, which could suggest that they are no longer investing in it. Furthermore, they recently launched an updated version of their popular Explore Air 2 machine which can also be used for cake decorating – suggesting that they may be focusing their efforts on this newer model instead.


At this point it is unclear whether or not the Cricut Cake Machine is being discontinued by its manufacturer. There have been some indications that this might be the case, but no official announcement has been made yet. Until then, fans of this beloved cake decorating tool can only speculate as to its future.