Is Switzerland Good for Graphic Design?

Switzerland is a top tier country known for many things like watches, chocolate and of course banking. But what about graphic design? Switzerland has a rich history of producing some of the world’s most renowned graphic designers and design studios.

The stunning landscapes, perfect mix of cultures and languages, plus the presence of the Alps create an inspiring environment for designers to create stunning visuals. In fact, Switzerland is considered one of the best places in Europe to be a graphic designer.

Switzerland has a long history in graphic design, with many iconic designs coming out of the country. For example, the Swiss Style style of graphic design is one of the most influential techniques in modern graphic design.

Developed in Switzerland during the 1950s and 1960s, this style is known for its simplicity and focus on typography. This style has been hugely influential in both digital and print designs.

In addition to its historical influence on graphic design, Switzerland also has a great deal to offer modern day designers. The country boasts some of the highest salaries for designers in Europe, allowing them to make a good living from their work. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other countries in Europe.

Switzerland also offers excellent opportunities for networking and making connections with other professionals in the industry. There are numerous conferences and workshops held throughout the year that provide great opportunities for meeting other professionals.


Overall, there’s no doubt that Switzerland is a great place to be a graphic designer—with its high salaries, excellent networking opportunities and inspiring landscape it’s no wonder why so many designers flock here! So if you’re looking for an amazing place to launch your career as a designer—look no further than Switzerland!