Is Louis Vuitton Tax Free at Heathrow?

Are you planning to travel through Heathrow airport and wondering whether Louis Vuitton is tax-free there? Well, the answer is both yes and no, depending on a few factors.

Firstly, if you are a non-EU resident, you are eligible for a tax refund on your purchases made in the UK. This means that you can claim back the Value Added Tax (VAT) on your purchases, which currently stands at 20%. This tax refund scheme is known as the VAT Retail Export Scheme (VAT RES).

Now coming back to Louis Vuitton, the brand has several stores in Heathrow airport’s terminals 2, 3, 4, and 5. However, not all of them participate in the VAT RES scheme. Only the Louis Vuitton stores located in Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 offer tax-free shopping to their non-EU customers.

So if you’re planning to purchase an LV item at Heathrow airport and want to avail of the VAT RES benefit, make sure to visit either of these two stores.

But keep in mind that there are certain conditions that must be met for you to claim your VAT refund. Firstly, your purchase must be for personal use or as a gift and not for commercial purposes.

Secondly, your total spend including VAT at any one retailer must be over £30. Lastly, you must provide proof of export by presenting your goods and receipts along with your passport at customs before leaving the UK.

In conclusion, yes – Louis Vuitton is indeed tax-free at Heathrow airport but only if you shop at their stores located in Terminal 2 or Terminal 5 and meet all the necessary requirements for claiming your VAT refund. Happy shopping!