Is Home Design Star Free?

Home Design Star is a free online interior design tool that allows users to create and design their own home. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize the look and feel of their home.

With hundreds of options available, users can choose from various themes, colors, furniture pieces, and accessories to create the perfect space.

Users also have access to a library of pre-made designs created by professional designers. This allows them to see what works best in certain spaces, as well as get inspiration for creating their own unique style.

Additionally, users can upload photos or sketches of their own designs to help them visualize the end result.

Another great feature of Home Design Star is its cost effectiveness. All materials used in the design process are free for the user – no additional fees or subscriptions required. Users will never be charged for using the software or any other services provided by Home Design Star.

The success of Home Design Star is evident in its customer reviews. Many customers have praised the ease of use and customization options available on the platform.

Additionally, they appreciate that Home Design Star does not require additional fees and is entirely free for everyone.


Yes, Home Design Star is completely free! There are no hidden costs or extra fees associated with using this powerful interior design tool – it’s entirely free for anyone who wishes to use it. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of pre-made designs, Home Design Star makes it easy for anyone to create their dream home without breaking the bank!