Is Home Design Makeover Safe?

Home Design Makeover is a free to play mobile game developed by Storm8 Studios. It is a home design simulator that allows players to create the perfect home for their virtual family. The game offers a wide range of furniture, decorations, and other items to customize your dream home.

The game is designed for all ages and is suitable for those who are new to home design and decorating as well as experienced players. The game also features a community where players can chat with each other and share their designs, tips, and tricks.

When it comes to safety, Home Design Makeover takes several steps to ensure user safety. All user data is stored securely on the company’s servers using encryption technology.

They also use an authentication system that requires users to log in with their email address and password before they can access the game. They also have a moderation team that reviews all comments and activity in the community to ensure it is appropriate for all ages.

Home Design Makeover also has parental controls enabled so parents can control how long their children play the game, as well as what type of content they can access within the app. This ensures that kids are not exposed to inappropriate content or activities while playing Home Design Makeover.

Overall, Home Design Makeover is a safe and fun way for people of all ages to learn about home design and decorating. The company takes several steps to ensure user safety including encryption technology, authentication systems, moderation teams, and parental controls. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to explore your inner designer then Home Design Makeover may be just what you’re looking for.


In conclusion, Home Design Makeover is a safe and entertaining way for people of all ages to explore their inner designer without having any concerns about safety or inappropriate content.