Is Hermes Oran Slippery?

Are you considering purchasing a pair of Hermes Oran sandals, but concerned about their slipperiness? You’re not alone. These stylish sandals have become a must-have item in the fashion world, but many people wonder if they are practical for everyday use.

First, let’s take a look at the design of the Hermes Oran. These sandals are made with a flat leather sole and a simple, yet elegant strap that crosses over the foot. The sole is typically made with high-quality leather, which can be slippery when new.

However, over time and with wear, the leather sole will become more textured and less slippery. This is because the leather will naturally absorb oils from your skin and form a better grip on surfaces.

If you’re concerned about slipping in your Orans while they’re still new, there are some things you can do to help prevent this. One option is to apply a non-slip sole protector to the bottom of your shoes. This will add traction to your soles and help prevent slips.

Another option is to scuff up the bottom of your soles by rubbing them on rough concrete or sandpaper. This will create small grooves in the leather that will improve traction.

It’s also important to consider where you’ll be wearing your Orans. If you plan on wearing them on wet or slippery surfaces, such as around a pool or at the beach, it’s best to exercise caution and wear appropriate footwear with better grip.

In summary, while Hermes Oran sandals may be initially slippery due to their high-quality leather soles, they will become less so over time with wear. There are also options available to improve traction if needed, such as non-slip sole protectors or scuffing up the soles yourself. It’s important to consider where you’ll be wearing these sandals and take appropriate precautions for safety.

So go ahead and add those stylish Hermes Orans to your shoe collection without worrying about their slipperiness. With a little bit of care and patience, they will provide both fashion and function for your feet.