Is Hermes in the UK?

Hermes is a well-known international delivery company that operates in various regions across the globe. When it comes to the United Kingdom, people often wonder if Hermes has a presence in this region or not. In this article, we will discuss whether Hermes is in the UK or not.

What is Hermes?

Before we dive into the topic of discussion, let’s have a brief overview of Hermes. Hermes is a leading delivery company that provides courier services to individuals and businesses alike. The company was founded in Germany and has expanded its services to several countries worldwide.

Is Hermes in the UK?

The answer to this question is yes; Hermes operates in the United Kingdom. The company has established its presence in the UK and has been providing its services for several years now.

Hermes Services in the UK

Hermes offers a wide range of delivery services to cater to different needs of customers. Some of the popular services offered by Hermes in the UK are:

  • Next Day Delivery
  • Standard Delivery
  • ParcelShop Drop-off
  • Hermes International

Hermes ParcelShops

One unique feature of Hermes’ service in the UK is their ParcelShop network. ParcelShops are convenient drop-off locations for parcels, which can be utilized by customers who are unable to receive deliveries at home or work addresses.

Hermes Tracking and Customer Service

Hermes values customer satisfaction, and therefore it provides excellent tracking and customer service features. Customers can track their parcels online through Hermes’ website or mobile app. Additionally, they can contact customer support via phone or email for any queries or concerns.


In conclusion, we can say that Hermes is indeed present in the UK and offers a variety of delivery services to its customers. The company’s ParcelShop network and excellent customer service make it a popular choice among individuals and businesses in the UK. If you are looking for a reliable delivery company in the UK, Hermes is certainly worth considering.