Is Hermes Good in Hades?

Are you wondering if Hermes is a good choice in Hades? Well, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this godly option.


  • Speed: Hermes is the fastest god in Hades. His mobility allows you to quickly dodge enemy attacks and get out of sticky situations.
  • Ranged Attacks: Hermes’ boons offer a variety of ranged attacks that can hit enemies from a distance.

    This is especially useful when facing bosses with dangerous close-range attacks.

  • Supportive Boons: Hermes offers boons that can increase your movement speed, dodge chance, and critical hit chance. These boons can greatly enhance your survivability in battles.


  • Weaker Attacks: While Hermes’ ranged attacks are useful, they are generally weaker than other gods’ close-range attacks. This means battles may take longer to finish.
  • Lack of Crowd Control: Unlike some other gods, Hermes doesn’t have many boons that can stun or slow down enemies.

    This can make it difficult to deal with crowds of enemies at once.

  • Fewer Damage-Boosting Boons: Hermes’ boons focus more on mobility and support rather than pure damage output. This means it may take longer to defeat tougher enemies or bosses.


While there are certainly pros and cons to choosing Hermes as your patron god in Hades, overall he is a solid choice for players who prioritize mobility and survivability over pure damage output. His supportive boons can help keep you alive during tough battles, while his speed and ranged attacks allow you to quickly move around and deal damage from a distance.

So, if you’re looking for a god that can help you dodge attacks, move quickly, and stay alive in battles, Hermes might just be the perfect choice for you.