Is Gucci Eau De Parfum II Discontinued?

If you are a fan of Gucci Eau De Parfum II, you might have heard some rumors that the fragrance has been discontinued. Sadly, there is some truth to these rumors.

What is Gucci Eau De Parfum II?

Gucci Eau De Parfum II was first launched in 2003 as a floral and spicy fragrance for women. The scent was designed by Antoine Maisondieu and features notes of blackcurrant, mandarin orange, violet, blackberry, jasmine, heliotrope, musk and cedarwood.

Why do people think it’s discontinued?

There are a few reasons why people believe that Gucci Eau De Parfum II has been discontinued. Firstly, the fragrance is no longer listed on the official Gucci website. Additionally, it has become increasingly difficult to find in stores or online retailers.

  • Discontinued in some regions: It’s possible that Gucci Eau De Parfum II has been discontinued in certain regions only. Some customers have reported being able to purchase the fragrance in certain countries where it’s still available.
  • No official announcement: Gucci hasn’t made an official announcement about discontinuing the fragrance. However, this isn’t uncommon for luxury brands who often quietly discontinue products without fanfare.

What can you do if you love this fragrance?

If you are a fan of Gucci Eau De Parfum II and are disappointed by its discontinuation, don’t worry! There are still ways to get your hands on it.

  • Check with authorized retailers: Some authorized retailers may still carry the fragrance or have old stock available for purchase.
  • Try online marketplaces: Online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon may have sellers who are still offering the fragrance. Just be sure to buy from a reputable seller and check the authenticity of the product.
  • Consider other Gucci fragrances: If you can’t find Gucci Eau De Parfum II, consider trying some of Gucci’s other fragrances. Gucci has a range of scents that are just as lovely and unique.


While it’s true that Gucci Eau De Parfum II has been discontinued in many regions, there are still ways to find it if you’re determined. However, if you’re unable to locate it, don’t fret! There are plenty of other amazing fragrances out there waiting to be discovered.