Is Design Home an Online Game?

Design Home, an online game developed by Crowdstar, allows players to design virtual spaces with 3D furniture and decor items. The game is designed to be both fun and challenging, as players can earn rewards for completing projects within a certain time limit.

Players also have the opportunity to compete against each other in design challenges to become the best interior designer.

Design Home is a great tool for aspiring interior designers or anyone interested in home décor, as it allows users to explore different styling ideas and get creative with their designs. Through the game, players can learn about various aspects of interior design such as color theory, furniture selection, and space planning. Additionally, they have access to a wide selection of 3D furniture and décor that they can use to create their virtual spaces.

The game also encourages collaboration between players through its “Design Friends” feature which allows them to share their designs and comment on each other’s work. This feature adds an extra layer of engagement for players who want more than just designing their own spaces.

Design Home has received positive reviews from both casual gamers and professional reviewers alike. It has been praised for its user-friendly interface, stunning visuals, wide selection of items, and engaging gameplay.

It also offers in-game purchases which allow users to purchase additional items if they run out of coins or energy.


Based on the above information it is clear that Design Home is an enjoyable online game that offers a unique experience for those interested in interior design. The game provides users with a platform to explore their creativity while learning principles of design along the way. It also promotes collaboration among players through its “Design Friends” feature which adds an extra layer of engagement.