Is Cricut Vinyl Dishwasher Safe?

Cricut Vinyl is a versatile and popular type of adhesive vinyl that is used in craft projects, decorations, and other creative endeavors. It is often used to personalize items such as tumblers, mugs, glasses, and even plates.

But one of the questions many people have is whether Cricut Vinyl is dishwasher safe.

The good news is that Cricut Vinyl can be safely run through a dishwasher! This is because it has been designed to withstand high temperatures and are waterproof, making them ideal for use on kitchenware.

When using Cricut Vinyl on dishes or utensils, it’s important to ensure that the vinyl has been properly adhered to the surface before running it through the dishwasher. For best results, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application.

It’s also important to note that there are different types of Cricut Vinyl available. Some are specifically designed for use in the dishwasher while others may not be suitable for this purpose. It’s important to read the label carefully before use so you know which type you need for your project.

In addition to being dishwasher safe, Cricut Vinyl can also be used in the microwave! This makes it even more versatile and allows you to create custom pieces of kitchenware without having to worry about ruining them in the dishwasher or microwave.


In conclusion, Cricut Vinyl is definitely dishwasher safe when applied properly according to manufacturer instructions. It can also be used in microwaves making it an excellent choice for creating personalized kitchenware and items that need frequent cleaning.