Is Cricut Glitter Vinyl Permanent?

Cricut Glitter Vinyl has become a popular choice for crafting projects in recent years. It offers a unique, sparkly look that can transform any ordinary project into something extraordinary.

But before you invest in some of this vinyl, you may be wondering if it is permanent or not.

The good news is that Cricut Glitter Vinyl is indeed permanent. It is a vinyl material that is made with a special adhesive backing, which makes it quite durable and long-lasting.

This means that your projects can last for many years without fading or discoloring over time. The vinyl itself also resists UV rays, so the color won’t fade in the sunlight either.

In addition to being permanent, Cricut Glitter Vinyl is also very easy to use. You can easily cut and shape it with a pair of scissors or a craft knife, and it will stick firmly to most surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Once applied to your project surface, you can then heat or press the vinyl in order to make sure that it adheres permanently.

Cricut Glitter Vinyl also comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can customize your projects however you like. You can choose from solid colors, glittery designs, holographic looks and more!


Yes, Cricut Glitter Vinyl is permanent when used correctly and appropriately. It’s very easy to use with its special adhesive backing and comes in various colors and styles to suit any project needs!