Is Cricut Discontinuing the Cuttlebug?

Recently, the crafting community has been buzzing with rumors that Cricut is planning to discontinue their Cuttlebug machine. As a long-time Cuttlebug user, I was very curious to find out if these rumors were true or not.

To start, I reached out to Cricut directly to inquire about the status of the Cuttlebug. In response, they provided a statement saying, “At this time we have no plans to discontinue the Cuttlebug. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with quality tools and products that support their creative endeavors.”

Given Cricut’s response and the lack of other concrete evidence about the future of the Cuttlebug, it seems like the rumors about its discontinuation have been greatly exaggerated. After all, Cricut has only recently released a new version of the Cuttlebug with more features and capabilities than its predecessor.

To further investigate this rumor, I reached out to other members of the crafting community who had been discussing this topic online. Most echoed Cricut’s statement by saying that there was no indication that Cricut was planning on discontinuing the Cuttlebug anytime soon. Some even noted that they had recently purchased or received as gifts newer versions of the machine and were happily using them for their creative projects.

Overall, it seems like these rumors are unfounded and that Cricut is not planning on discontinuing their beloved Cuttlebug machine anytime soon. If you’re looking for a crafty tool to add to your arsenal, then you can rest assured that you can still turn to your trusty Cuttlebug for all your crafting needs!

Conclusion: After careful investigation into these rumors, it appears that Cricut is not discontinuing their Cuttlebug machine any time soon. Customers can still rely on their trusty Cuttlebugs for all their creative projects!