Is Chanel 19 Trendy or Classic?

Chanel 19 is one of the latest additions to the iconic Chanel collection. Since its launch, it has captured the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts.

But, is it just a passing trend or a timeless classic? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Chanel 19?

Chanel 19 is a shoulder bag that was first introduced in the Spring-Summer 2019 collection. The bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and named after the year of Coco Chanel’s birth, 1919. It features a rectangular shape, double C logo, and a chain strap.

Trendy or Classic?

When it comes to fashion investments, it’s important to consider whether a piece is trendy or classic. Trendy pieces come and go quickly while classic pieces withstand the test of time.


Chanel 19 has certainly been on-trend since its launch. Many celebrities and fashion bloggers have been spotted carrying this bag. Its popularity has led to several variations in color, material, and size.

However, being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not worth investing in. Bags like Chanel Boy and Chanel Gabrielle were also trendy when they first launched but have now become classic pieces in their own right.


To be considered a classic piece, a fashion item must have longevity in terms of style and quality. It should be versatile enough to be worn with different outfits and stand out even after years of use.

Chanel 19’s design elements such as the double C logo and chain strap are reminiscent of other iconic Chanel designs such as the Classic Flap Bag and Reissue Bag. This makes it an instant classic. Additionally, its rectangular shape gives it a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.

Moreover, Chanel is known for its exceptional quality craftsmanship which ensures that their bags last for years, making them worth every penny.


Chanel 19 is a bag that has both trendy and classic elements. Its design elements make it an instant classic while its popularity makes it trendy. However, considering Chanel’s reputation for timeless designs and quality craftsmanship, it’s safe to say that the Chanel 19 will stand the test of time and become a classic piece in its own right.

So, whether you’re looking to invest in a trendy piece or a timeless classic, Chanel 19 is a great choice.