Is Bella Hadid a Versace Model?

There’s no denying that Bella Hadid is one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry today. With her striking features and stunning runway presence, she has quickly become a favorite among designers and fans alike. One brand that she has particularly captivated is the iconic Italian luxury label Versace.

So, is Bella Hadid a Versace model? The answer is yes! In fact, she has been a staple on the Versace runway for several years now, making appearances in their collections season after season.

The Beginnings of Bella’s Relationship with Versace

Bella’s first major moment with Versace came in 2016 when she walked in their Spring/Summer show during Milan Fashion Week. She made quite an impression with her fierce walk and bold attitude, catching the eye of Donatella Versace herself.

Since then, Bella has become a regular on the Versace runway, appearing in their Fall/Winter 2016 show as well as their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. She has also been featured in several of their ad campaigns, including their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign alongside fellow models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Why Does Versace Love Bella?

It’s clear that Bella and Versace have developed a strong relationship over the years, but what is it that makes her such a standout for the brand? For starters, her unique look perfectly embodies the bold and daring spirit of Versace. With her chiseled cheekbones and piercing gaze, she commands attention on the runway like few others can.

In addition to her striking appearance, Bella also brings an undeniable sense of confidence to every show and campaign she participates in. She exudes strength and fearlessness – two qualities that are essential to embodying the Versace ethos.

Bella’s Most Memorable Moments with Versace

Over the years, Bella has had many standout moments on the Versace runway. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • In the Fall/Winter 2019 show, Bella stunned in a black leather mini dress with gold hardware.
  • For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, she rocked a bold green and blue printed midi dress with matching thigh-high boots.
  • During the Fall/Winter 2020 show, Bella went for a more classic look in a black tuxedo-inspired suit with white lapels.

The Future of Bella and Versace

Given the success of their partnership thus far, it seems likely that we can expect to see much more of Bella on the Versace runway in the years to come. With her confident attitude and striking looks, she is sure to continue embodying everything that makes Versace such an iconic brand.

In conclusion, yes – Bella Hadid is most certainly a Versace model. Her strong presence and unique beauty make her an ideal ambassador for the brand’s bold and daring aesthetic. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next on the runway!