How Thick Can Cricut Foam Cut?

Cricut foam cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular as a crafting tool. With the ability to easily cut different types of foam, they are a great way to add dimension and texture to a project. But just how thick can Cricut foam cut?

The answer depends on the type of Cricut machine being used. The Cricut Maker, for example, can cut up to 2mm thick foam sheets.

This means it is perfect for cutting thin craft foam that can be used for intricate projects such as scrapbooking and card making. The Cricut Explore Air 2, on the other hand, can cut up to 3mm thick sheets of foam – perfect for thicker craft projects such as model making and 3D shapes.

However, if you are looking for something even thicker than 3mm then you will need a specialty cutter such as the Cricut Heat Transfer Foam Sheet Cutter. This machine is designed specifically for cutting thicker foam sheets such as those used in heat transfer projects. It can easily handle up to 5mm thick foam.

In conclusion, depending on the type of Cricut machine being used, users can easily cut different thicknesses of foam sheets ranging from 2-5mm. This makes it easy to create custom projects with any type of thickness desired. No matter what your project goals may be, there’s a Cricut machine that is right for you!