How Much Is the Design Home App?

The Design Home app is a great way for homeowners and decorators to update their homes with the latest trends from around the world. With the Design Home app, it’s easy to create a custom look for any room in your home. From choosing colors and materials to finding furniture that fits your style, the Design Home app offers everything you need to create the perfect space.

The Design Home app is free to download and use, and it can be used on both iOS and Android devices. It comes with a variety of features that make creating your dream space easy.

You can choose from thousands of pieces of furniture, flooring, wallpapers, fabrics, rugs, and more. You can also access tutorials from top designers to get advice on how best to decorate your home. Plus, you can save designs so you can come back later and make changes as needed.

The Design Home app also comes with its own virtual currency called “Cash” which you use to purchase items for your home. Cash can be earned through completing challenges or buying packs of items from the store. It’s important to note that Cash does not carry over between different versions of the game so if you switch platforms (iOS or Android) all your Cash will be lost.

The Design Home app also offers an online community where users can share their designs with others and get feedback on their work. The community is full of friendly people who are more than happy to help out with any design questions or dilemmas you may have.

How Much Is the Design Home App?

The Design Home app is free to download and use but it does offer a range of in-app purchases such as Cash packs or special items.

Prices vary depending on what type of item or pack you are buying but generally expect to pay anywhere from $1-$10 for each item or pack.

Design Home is a great tool for anyone looking for ways to update their home with new styles and ideas without breaking the bank. The app itself is free but does offer various in-app purchases depending on what type of item or pack you’re looking for. Prices range from $1-$10 per item/pack so be sure to check out all available options before making any purchases!