How Much Is JLO Versace Dress?

If you’re a fashion lover, you’ve probably heard of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress. This dress is one of the most talked-about outfits in history, and it has become a symbol of J.Lo’s style and glamour.

But have you ever wondered how much this dress actually costs? Let’s take a closer look at the price tag of J.Lo’s famous Versace dress.

The Green Versace Dress

The green Versace dress was first worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000. The dress made headlines for its daring cut and revealing design, which showed off J.Lo’s curves and toned body. The dress was designed by Donatella Versace and featured a tropical leaf print in shades of green.

The Price of the Dress

So, how much did J.Lo’s iconic green Versace dress cost? According to reports, the original price tag of the dress was around $15,000. However, this price is not confirmed and may have been inflated due to the dress’s popularity and status as a cultural icon.

The Dress Today

Today, the original green Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez is considered a priceless piece of fashion history. It is currently housed in the archives of the Versace fashion house and is occasionally put on display at exhibitions or events.


In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress is one of the most famous outfits in history. While its exact price tag may be unknown, it is estimated that it originally cost around $15,000. However, today the dress is considered priceless and has become a symbol of J.