How Much Is a Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk?

Are you a fan of luxury fashion brands? If so, you might be wondering how much a Supreme Louis Vuitton trunk costs.

These trunks are the epitome of high-end luxury and are highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts all around the world. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Supreme Louis Vuitton trunks, including their price tag.

What is a Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk?

Supreme is a clothing brand that has become known for its collaborations with other brands, such as Nike and The North Face. In 2017, they collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a line of accessories and clothing items featuring both brands’ logos. One of the most coveted items from this collaboration is the Supreme Louis Vuitton trunk.

These trunks are made from high-quality materials and feature both the Supreme and Louis Vuitton logos prominently on the exterior. They come in various sizes and styles, including the classic LV monogram pattern with red accents.

How Much Does a Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk Cost?

The price of a Supreme Louis Vuitton trunk varies depending on the size and style you choose. As of 2021, these trunks can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 USD. That’s right – these trunks are not for the faint of heart or those on a tight budget!

The most expensive trunk in this collaboration was sold at auction for over $180,000 USD in 2019. This particular trunk was made from red Epi leather and featured all-over monogram print with silver hardware.

Why Are They So Expensive?

There are several reasons why Supreme Louis Vuitton trunks are so expensive:

  • Rarity: Only a limited number of these trunks were produced, making them highly coveted and rare.
  • Quality: These trunks are made from the highest quality materials, including leather and metal hardware.
  • Brand Name: Both Supreme and Louis Vuitton are well-known luxury brands, which adds to the overall value of the trunk.

Where Can You Buy a Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk?

If you’re looking to purchase a Supreme Louis Vuitton trunk, your best bet is to check with high-end fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. However, due to their limited production and high demand, it’s unlikely that you’ll find one available for purchase.

Another option is to look for resellers online through platforms like eBay or Grailed. Keep in mind that purchasing from a reseller can be risky and may result in buying a fake product.

In Conclusion

Supreme Louis Vuitton trunks are some of the most sought-after luxury items in the fashion world. With their high price tag and limited availability, they’re definitely not accessible for everyone. However, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, it’s sure to be a statement piece in your collection.