How Much Do Graphic Design Interns Get Paid?

Graphic design interns are a valuable asset in the creative industry and they can be found in a variety of fields, from marketing to advertising. They typically work with visual elements such as typography, illustrations, photography and more to create a cohesive visual message for their clients. As such, they often have to juggle multiple projects at once and usually have tight deadlines.

The salary for a graphic design intern can vary greatly depending on the employer, location, level of experience and other factors. For an entry-level internship, most graphic design interns are paid an hourly wage or salary that ranges from $10 to $20 an hour or around $30,000 per year. Those with more experience may command higher salaries due to their technical abilities and creative talent.

Besides salary, some employers offer other benefits like health insurance coverage or 401(k) contributions for graphic design interns. Other perks could include discounts at art supply stores or free access to software that would otherwise be too expensive for the intern to purchase themselves.

Overall, graphic design interns tend to make a decent wage given the complexity of their job duties. However, it is important to remember that there are many factors which can influence how much an intern makes so it is important to discuss salary expectations before taking on any job.

Conclusion: In conclusion, how much do graphic design interns get paid? It depends on various factors such as the employer’s location and level of experience but typically ranges from $10 – $20/hour or around $30k/year for entry-level positions. Benefits like health insurance coverage and 401(k) contributions may also be offered by some employers while others may provide discounts at art supply stores or free access to software.