How Much Did the Louis Vuitton AF1 Sell For?

The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Nike gave birth to the Louis Vuitton AF1, a unique take on the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker. Sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike were anxiously waiting for the release of this highly anticipated sneaker.

The question on everyone’s mind was how much would it cost? Well, let’s dive right in and find out.

The Release

Louis Vuitton released the AF1 as part of their Fall/Winter 2020 Men’s Collection. The sneaker was launched online on July 7th, 2020, and was available in three different colorways – white, black, and volt. However, one thing that set these sneakers apart from other Air Force 1’s was the price tag.

The Price

The retail price of the Louis Vuitton AF1 was set at a staggering $2,000! That’s right; you read that correctly; two thousand dollars!

This price point made it one of the most expensive sneakers ever released by Nike. But why was it so expensive?

The Design

The Louis Vuitton AF1 featured a premium leather upper with LV’s signature monogram pattern embossed all over it. The Swoosh was perforated with LV’s logo, and the tongue featured both brands’ logos.

The sneaker also came with interchangeable velcro patches that could be attached to the heel tab. These patches had LV branding as well as other designs such as stars and monogram flowers.

The Rarity

Another reason for the high price tag is its rarity. Only a limited number of sneakers were produced for this collaboration. This scarcity made them even more sought after by collectors worldwide.

The Resale Value

Due to its limited production run and high demand, resale prices skyrocketed. Sneaker reselling website StockX shows that the average resale price for the Louis Vuitton AF1 was around $3,500.

Some pairs even sold for as much as $7,000! This high resale price made them one of the most profitable sneakers of 2020.


To sum up, the Louis Vuitton AF1 was launched at a retail price of $2,000 and was available in three different colorways. Its high price point was due to its premium design and limited production run.

The scarcity and demand for these sneakers resulted in an average resale value of around $3,500. Despite being one of the most expensive sneakers ever released by Nike, it still managed to become a must-have item for sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike.