How Many Houses Can You Design in Happy Home Designer?

Happy Home Designer is a home design game for the Nintendo 3DS system. It’s a game where you can create and decorate your own dream house, and share it with other players online.

The game allows you to customize everything from the furniture to the paint color, and you can even customize the outdoor area of your home. You can even design homes for your animal friends!

Happy Home Designer is incredibly versatile, with numerous ways to design and decorate your home. With hundreds of different items available to choose from, you can truly customize your house the way you want it. From furniture and fixtures to lighting and wallpaper, there’s something for everyone in Happy Home Designer.

The game also features several tools that make designing easier, including an easy-to-use interface that allows players to quickly move objects around their house, as well as a “Design Studio” mode which lets players create custom designs without having to place objects one by one. Additionally, there are several helpful tutorials available which teach players how to use all of the tools in Happy Home Designer.

So how many houses can you design in Happy Home Designer?

The answer depends on how creative you want to be! With hundreds of items available and an unlimited amount of possible combinations, there’s no limit on how many houses you can create within Happy Home Designer. Whether it’s a cozy cottage or an extravagant mansion, anything is possible within this virtual world.


Happy Home Designer provides endless possibilities when it comes to designing homes. With hundreds of items available and easy-to-use tools, there is no limit on how many houses you can create within this digital world. From cozy cottages to extravagant mansions–anything is possible with Happy Home Designer!