How Long Is an Industrial Design Program?

An industrial design program is a specialized form of education that focuses on the planning and creation of products for commercial use. The length of an industrial design program depends on the institution where a student is enrolled, as well as their chosen major or area of focus.

At most universities, an industrial design program typically takes four years to complete. This includes two years of general education courses, such as English and math, as well as two years of specialized courses in the field of industrial design. During these two years, students will learn about the history and principles of design, materials and processes used in manufacturing, sketching techniques, computer-aided design (CAD), product development, ergonomics and more.

In addition to traditional four-year programs, some institutions offer accelerated industrial design programs that can be completed in as little as three years. These programs are often designed for students who have already been working in the field or have prior knowledge or experience in the subject matter. These accelerated programs allow students to jump right into advanced studies without having to take introductory classes first.

For those who are looking for a more comprehensive understanding of industrial design principles and techniques, some universities offer master’s degree programs in the field. These degree programs usually take between two and three years to complete and require students to complete additional research projects and studies beyond what is covered in a standard four-year program.


The length of an industrial design program depends largely on the institution where it is offered and the chosen area of focus for each student. Most universities offer four-year degree programs that cover general education courses along with specialized courses related to industrial design principles and practices.

Some institutions also offer accelerated degree programs that can be completed in three years or less if a student has prior experience or knowledge in this area. Finally, master’s degree programs are available for those looking for more advanced studies in this field.