How Do You Use the Silhouette Pen Holder?

The Silhouette Pen Holder is a great tool for any crafter, artist, or scrapbooker. It allows you to easily and securely store and organize your pens, markers, and other drawing tools. The pen holder is designed to clip onto the side of your Silhouette cutting machine and can hold up to six items at once – perfect for anyone who needs quick access to their most-used materials.

The Silhouette Pen Holder comes with two sets of clips, each one featuring five slots that can fit a variety of pens and markers. These clips are adjustable, so you can customize the holder depending on the type of materials you need it to accommodate. Additionally, the clips feature an included locking mechanism that helps keep your supplies secure while in storage.

The pen holder attaches directly to your Silhouette cutting machine without any additional tools or hardware. The included suction cups on the back provide a secure grip on any smooth surface and can be easily removed when it’s time to move your machine or take it with you on the go.

Using the Silhouette Pen Holder is easy – all you need to do is clip it onto the side of your cutting machine and load up the slots with whatever pens or markers you need to use at any given time. The adjustable clips make it easy to change out items as needed and make sure that everything stays securely in place while in use or in storage.

The Silhouette Pen Holder is an invaluable tool for any crafter or artist who needs quick access to their most-used drawing materials. It’s easy to attach directly to your Silhouette cutting machine using its suction cups, and its adjustable clips allow you customize it depending on what kind of supplies you need at any given time. Plus, its locking mechanism helps ensure that everything stays safely secured while in storage or in use!