How Do You Use Oracal 651 Vinyl on Cricut?

Using Oracle 651 vinyl in your Cricut projects is a great way to add a professional looking finish to any project. Oracle 651 vinyl is a permanent adhesive vinyl that is designed for outdoor use and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The vinyl has a strong adhesive backing that makes it easy to apply and holds up well to water, dirt and abrasion.

When using Oracle 651 in your Cricut projects, it is important to ensure that the surface you are applying the vinyl to is clean and dry. This will help ensure that the adhesive sticks well and does not peel off over time. To prepare the surface for application, you should use an alcohol-based cleaner such as rubbing alcohol or acetone and wipe down the area with a clean cloth before applying the vinyl.

Once your surface is ready for application, place your Oracle 651 vinyl on top of the project with the adhesive side facing up. You can then use your Cricut machine to cut out the design of your choice from the vinyl sheet.

When you are ready to apply it, simply remove the backing paper from the adhesive side of your cutout design and carefully place it onto your project surface. Use a squeegee or credit card to press down firmly on each side of the design in order to ensure that it adheres properly.

Finally, if you would like your Oracle 651 design to last longer then you should also consider laminating it with a clear laminate film or spray sealant. This will help protect it from dirt, dust, fading and abrasion over time which will help maintain its look better for longer periods of time.

In conclusion, using Oracle 651 vinyl in your Cricut projects is an easy way to create professional looking designs with minimal effort involved. The strong adhesive backing ensures that it sticks well and lasts for long durations even when exposed to outdoor elements such as water and dirt making it ideal for outdoor applications such as signs or vehicle decals.


To use Oracal 651 Vinyl on Cricut one has to make sure that the surface being applied upon should be cleaned thoroughly with an alcohol-based cleaner like rubbing alcohol or acetone before application. Once ready one can cut out their desired design from the sheet using their Cricut machine, peel off its backing paper then press down firmly on each side using a squeegee or credit card so that it adheres properly onto their project surface; additionally they can also laminate their design with clear laminate film or spray sealant so as enhance its durability.