How Do You Use Chanel Cleansing Milk?

Chanel is a well-known luxury brand that offers high-quality skincare products. One of their most popular products is the Chanel Cleansing Milk.

This gentle cleanser is designed to remove impurities, makeup, and excess oil from the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. But how do you use Chanel Cleansing Milk? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

Before using any cleanser, it’s important to prepare your skin by removing any makeup or dirt on the surface. You can use a makeup remover or micellar water for this purpose. Apply the product onto a cotton pad and gently swipe it over your face and neck until all traces of makeup are removed.

Step 2: Apply the Cleansing Milk

Once your skin is clean and dry, it’s time to apply the Chanel Cleansing Milk. Start by shaking the bottle well to ensure that all the ingredients are mixed properly. Then, dispense a small amount of product onto your fingertips or a cotton pad.

For Fingers:

If using your fingers to apply, massage the cleansing milk onto your face in circular motions, starting from your forehead and working downwards towards your neck. Be gentle and avoid rubbing too hard as this can damage your skin.

For Cotton Pad:

If using a cotton pad, saturate it with the cleansing milk and gently glide it over your face in upward strokes. Make sure to cover all areas of your face, including around the eyes and mouth.

Step 3: Rinse Your Face

After massaging in the cleansing milk for about 30 seconds, rinse off with lukewarm water until all product is removed from your skin.

Step 4: Follow Up with Toner

To complete your skincare routine after using Chanel Cleansing Milk, follow up with a toner to help balance your skin’s pH levels. This will ensure that your skin is ready to receive any serums or moisturizers you plan to apply.


Using Chanel Cleansing Milk is a simple and effective way to clean your skin and remove impurities. By incorporating it into your skincare routine, you can enjoy a fresh and glowing complexion. Remember to always use gentle motions when cleansing your face and follow up with toner for best results.