How Do You Start a Landscape Design?

Landscape design is an art form that combines the beauty of nature with functional outdoor living spaces. It requires an understanding of the environment, the different types of plants, and how they interact with each other.

When done correctly, landscape design can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. So if you’re looking to create a beautiful and practical outdoor space, here’s how to get started.


The first step in landscape design is planning. Start by assessing your current environment.

Take note of any existing features like trees, shrubs, or structures that you plan to keep in your design. Consider the amount of sunlight available and make sure to account for any existing drainage issues. Once you’ve assessed your current environment, it’s time to start envisioning what your ideal landscape design would look like.


Once you have a clear vision for your landscape design, it’s time to start sketching it out on paper or computer software. This will give you a better understanding of how each element will fit together and make sure everything is proportionate when completed. Make sure to include all relevant details such as materials, colors, and textures that will bring your vision to life.


Once the design is finalized it’s time for implementation! Start by clearing the area of any existing vegetation or debris that could interfere with construction or interfere with drainage patterns.

Next lay down a base layer using gravel or sand so that the soil has something stable to rest on top of. Then start planting trees and shrubs according to your plan. Finally add hardscapes such as retaining walls or walkways according to plan.


Creating a beautiful outdoor living space requires careful planning and consideration for both aesthetics and functionality. By assessing your current environment, envisioning what you want from your landscape design, sketching out details on paper or computer software, clearing the area for construction and finally adding plants and hardscapes according to plan – you can create a stunning outdoor space that meets all of your needs!