How Do You Size a Versace Belt?

Are you thinking about getting a Versace belt but aren’t sure how to size it? No worries! In this tutorial, we’ll go over everything you need to know to find the perfect fit for your new accessory.

Measuring Your Waist Size

The first step in sizing your Versace belt is determining your waist size. To do this, use a tape measure to measure around the area where you’ll wear the belt. Make sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight, and take note of the measurement in inches.

Understanding Belt Sizes

Now that you have your waist measurement, it’s time to understand how Versace sizes their belts. Versace belts come in European sizes, which are based on centimeters rather than inches. To convert your waist measurement into a European size, simply divide it by 2.54 and round up or down to the nearest whole number.

For example, if your waist measures 32 inches, divide that by 2.54 to get 12.6. Round that up to 13 and you’ll want to look for a size 85 (which corresponds to a waist size of approximately 33 inches) when shopping for a Versace belt.

Adjusting Belt Length

Versace belts typically come in one length and can be adjusted using the buckle. To adjust the length of your new belt, simply unbuckle it and use scissors or a knife to trim off any excess length from the end opposite the buckle.

It’s important not to cut too much off at once – start with small cuts until you reach your desired length. Once you’ve trimmed enough off, reattach the buckle and try on your new Versace belt!


Finding the right size for your Versace belt doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply measure around your waist, convert that measurement to a European size, and adjust the length of your belt using the buckle. Now you’re ready to add a touch of luxury to any outfit with your new Versace belt.