How Do You Make Vinyl Nail Decals With Cricut?

Vinyl nail decals are a great way to add a unique and creative touch to your nails. With Cricut, you can design and make your own custom vinyl nail decals quickly and easily. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll need to find a design or create one yourself. You can use any graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create the design. Once you have the design ready, save it as an SVG file.

Next, upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space. Here, you can adjust the size of the design and customize the colors. You’ll also be able to preview how your design will look on nails.

Once you’re happy with your design, select ‘vinyl’ from the materials menu in Design Space.

Place your vinyl sheet onto the cutting mat in Cricut machine and load it. Make sure that the vinyl is facing up with matte side up. Select ‘Go’ in Design Space to start cutting out your design.

Once the vinyl has been cut out, carefully remove it from the cutting mat.

Now that your decal is cut out, peel off the excess vinyl around your decal so that only your finished product remains attached to its backing paper.

Your last step is to apply it onto your nails!

To apply the decal onto your nails, first paint them with a polish of choice and let them dry completely. Then take a piece of tape and place it on top of each nail before carefully pressing down one corner of each decal onto its corresponding nail.

Finally, remove the tape from each nail and you should have beautiful custom-made vinyl nail decals!

With Cricut, creating custom vinyl nail decals has never been easier!

In conclusion, making vinyl nail decals with Cricut is an easy process that requires minimal materials and time – all you need is an SVG file of your desired design, some vinyl sheets, a cutting mat and Cricut machine. Follow these steps and soon enough you’ll have beautiful custom-made vinyl nail decals that will leave everyone asking where you got them!