How Do You Make Tags for Handmade Items on Cricut?

For those that are creative and crafty, using a Cricut machine can be a great way to make fun and unique handmade items. Cricut machines are computer-controlled cutting machines that allow users to create intricate designs from paper, fabric, vinyl, and other materials.

One of the best features of the Cricut is the ability to make tags for handmade items. Making tags for handmade items with your Cricut can be a fun and creative way to label your crafts and add a personal touch.

The first step in making tags for handmade items on your Cricut machine is to create a design. You can either create your own design or use one of the many templates available on the Cricut website.

Once you have chosen your design, you will need to upload it into the Cricut software and then adjust it so that it fits on your tag. You can also use the software to add text or other images to your tag.

Once you have finalized your design, you will need to select what type of material you want to use for your tag. Vinyl is often used as it is easy to cut with a Cricut machine and comes in many different colors and finishes.

You will then need to load the material into your Cricut machine according to the instructions provided. Once loaded, you can adjust the settings on your machine so that it cuts out the tag accurately.

Once you have cut out your tag, you can remove it from the mat and peel off any excess material or residue left over from cutting. You may want to seal or laminate your tag before using it as this will help keep it looking good for longer periods of time. Finally, attach any hardware such as eyelets or string if desired.


Making tags for handmade items with a Cricut machine is relatively easy once you know how! Designing and cutting out tags requires some basic knowledge of working with vinyl materials and computer software but once mastered offers an easy way to add personal touches such as text or images onto handmade items. With practice and patience, anyone can create unique tags for their crafts quickly and easily!