How Do You Make Mickey Ears on Cricut?

Making Mickey Ears on Cricut is an exciting and creative way to make custom designs for any occasion! Whether you’re making a birthday card for a special someone, crafting decorations for a Disney-themed party, or just having fun with your own style, Cricut can help you create Mickey Ears designs quickly and easily.

The first step in making Mickey Ears on Cricut is to find the right design. There are plenty of pre-made Mickey Ear templates available online, as well as templates that can be found within the Cricut Design Space software.

When selecting a design, make sure to choose one that will fit the size of your project and that you are comfortable with the complexity of the design.

Once you have settled on the design you want to use, it’s time to transfer it over to your Cricut machine. This is best done by downloading your chosen design into the Cricut Design Space software and then connecting your machine to your computer via USB. You will then be able to preview the design before sending it over to your machine for cutting.

When using a template for cutting out Mickey Ears, it’s important to adjust the settings on your Cricut machine accordingly. For example, if you are using cardstock or vinyl as your material then you may need to adjust the pressure and speed settings so that they match up with what is required by that specific material. Additionally, if you are cutting out multiple pieces at once then make sure to increase the number of passes in order for each piece to be cut accurately.

After You Have Cut Out Your Mickey Ears

After all of your pieces have been cut out using your chosen template, it’s time for some assembly! Depending on which template you have chosen, assembling the pieces together may require some simple gluing or more intricate sewing techniques – whichever method works best for you should be used when putting together all of your pieces.

Once everything is put together correctly and securely, all that’s left is adding some final touches like painting or embellishments. This can really help bring life and character into any set of Mickey Ears!


Making Mickey Ears on Cricut can be an easy and fun way to customize any project or create unique decorations for special occasions! With a little bit of research into what materials work best with different types of designs, as well as adjusting settings in order to get a precise cut every time, anyone can successfully create their own set of Mickey Ears with their Cricut machine!