How Do You Make a Silhouette of a Child?

Making a Silhouette of a child is a great way to showcase their personality and create a beautiful art piece. It’s also an easy project to do with children of any age.

All you need is some paper, scissors, and a few simple supplies.

To begin, you will need to find a photo or drawing of the child that you would like to make the Silhouette from. Make sure that the photo or drawing is clear and has good contrast between the background and the subject. Once you have your image, it’s time to get started!

First, trace your image onto the paper using pencil. Trace lightly so that it can be erased if needed later on.

Next, cut out the Silhouette using scissors or an X-ACTO knife – whichever works best for you. Carefully cut along the outline of your traced image in order to ensure that it comes out looking as close as possible to your original image.

Once you have cut out your Silhouette, it’s time to add color! You can use any color combination that you like – but remember to keep it simple and avoid using too many colors in order to keep the focus on the Silhouette itself. You can use markers, paints, or even crayons – whatever works best for you!

Finishing Touches

Once your Silhouette is colored in and completely dried, it’s time for the finishing touches! You can add details such as facial features (if desired), clothing accessories, hair styles etc. If you want something extra special, consider adding glitter or other embellishments to make it sparkle.

Making a Silhouette of a child is a great way to show off their personality while creating an art piece that they will treasure forever. With just some basic supplies and creativity, you’ll be able to make something truly special.


Making a Silhouette of a child is an easy project that can be done with children of any age! All you need are some basic supplies such as paper, scissors, and coloring materials – plus creativity – in order to create something truly special. With these steps in mind, anyone can make an amazing Silhouette of a child with ease!