How Do You Make a Silhouette Light?

A Silhouette light is a type of lighting effect used to create dramatic and eye-catching visuals in photography and videography. It’s made by using a bright light source placed behind the subject, silhouetting them against a black background or negative space. This technique is often used to draw attention to the subject by making them stand out from the rest of the frame, but can also be used to illustrate a certain mood or atmosphere as well.

Creating a Silhouette light is relatively easy and can be done with any type of lighting equipment. The most important thing to remember when setting up your lighting rig is that you want the light source placed behind your subject and not in front of it.

This will ensure that the Silhouette effect is visible. Additionally, you want to make sure that the light source is bright enough so that it will be able to overpower any ambient light in the scene and create a true Silhouette effect. You may need to adjust your ISO and shutter speed settings depending on how bright your light source is and how much ambient light there is in your scene.

Once you have your lighting set up, it’s time to position your subject so they will be backlit by the light source. Depending on how dramatic you want your Silhouette effect to be, you may need to adjust their distance from the light source or even move them further into shadowed area in order for them to truly stand out against the background. Additionally, you may want to experiment with different angles in order for different parts of your subject’s body (especially their face) to be illuminated by the Silhouette lighting setup.

The final step in creating a perfect Silhouette effect is adjusting your exposure settings according to what look you are going for; if you want a more dramatic look then try underexposing slightly while if you’re looking for a softer feel then try overexposing slightly. If needed, you can also add additional lights or reflectors around your subject in order for specific parts of their body or clothing items to be highlighted by additional sources of light; this will help add some depth and texture into your image as well as draw more attention towards certain aspects of it which would otherwise remain hidden due to the nature of silhouetting an object against a black background.


Creating a Silhouette light can be easy with some basic knowledge about lighting equipment, camera settings, and positioning techniques. By placing a bright light source behind the subject, adjusting exposure settings according to what look one wants, and experimenting with different angles one can create stunning visuals with this type of lighting setup.