How Do You Make a Puzzle on the Cricut Maker?

The Cricut Maker is an amazing device that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can cut, write, and score a wide range of materials – from paper to fabric and even wood!

One of the most creative ways to use the Cricut Maker is to create custom puzzles. With the help of this device, you can easily make unique puzzles in all shapes and sizes.

Before getting started, you will need to have some key items on hand. First, you will need a compatible puzzle material such as cardstock or poster board.

When choosing your material, make sure it is thick enough to hold up the pieces when cut. Additionally, you will need an image or design that you would like your puzzle to look like – this can be anything from a photograph to an illustration. You will also need access to Design Space software by Cricut.

Once you have all these items ready, you can begin making your puzzle. First, upload your design or image into Design Space software.

After that is complete, select “Make It” and then choose the “Puzzle” option on the left-hand side menu bar. You will then be able to adjust the size of your puzzle pieces and add any text or other features such as eyes or noses if desired.

Once all the settings are confirmed, load your material into the Cricut Maker machine and press “Go” on Design Space software. Your machine will then begin cutting out all the individual puzzle pieces according to your specifications! When it’s finished cutting out all the pieces, carefully remove them from the material and start putting together your puzzle.


Making a custom puzzle with a Cricut Maker is easy! All you need are some compatible materials such as cardstock or poster board; an image or design; and access to Design Space software by Cricut. Upload your design into Design Space software; select “Make It”; adjust any settings; load it into the Cricut Maker machine; press “Go” on Design Space software; remove all pieces from material; and start putting together your custom made puzzle!