How Do You Make a Graphic Design Portfolio From Scratch?

Creating a great graphic design portfolio is essential if you want to stand out in the competitive field of graphic design. As a designer, it is important to showcase your skills and accomplishments in order to attract potential employers and clients. A portfolio should be tailored to demonstrate your design style, range of skills, capabilities, and experience.

The first step in creating a graphic design portfolio from scratch is to decide what type of work you want to include in your portfolio. This may include logos, illustrations, website designs, print designs or any other type of work you’ve done that demonstrates your abilities as a designer. You should also consider the audience for whom you’re creating the portfolio – be it for potential employers or clients – as this will help inform your decisions about the types of projects you showcase.

Once you’ve decided on the type of projects that will be included in your portfolio, it is time to create the actual content. This should include descriptions of each project as well as images that demonstrate what was accomplished and how it was achieved.

When adding images, it’s important to keep file sizes small since larger images can slow down loading times when someone views your portfolio online. Also make sure any images used are high quality so they appear professional and polished when viewed on a computer screen or printed out.

The next step is formatting your portfolio for presentation. Depending on whether you are presenting it online or in person, there are different ways to format your work for optimal presentation.

If creating an online portfolio, consider using an online platform such as Adobe Portfolio or Squarespace that allows you to easily create an attractive web presence with minimal effort. Alternately, if presenting in person opt for an elegant hard-copy version that can be printed out and presented in a professional manner.

Finally, take some time to review everything once before sharing it with potential employers or clients. Check all images, spelling and grammar mistakes and ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date so you can present yourself in the best possible light.

Creating a great graphic design portfolio from scratch requires careful planning and attention to detail but can be done with some effort and dedication. By deciding what type of work should be included in the portfolio beforehand, creating content that accurately reflects each project’s goals, formatting according to whether it will be presented online or in person and taking some time for review before sharing – any designer can create a great graphic design portfolio from scratch!


Creating a successful graphic design portfolio from scratch requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail but can yield great results if done properly. Deciding which projects should be included initially as well as designing content that accurately reflects each project’s goals are key steps towards making an effective graphic design portfolio which will help demonstrate skillset and experience when seeking new employment opportunities.