How Do You Make a Graduation Cap With a Cricut?

Graduation caps are a long-standing tradition that represent a student’s hard work and success. They are a way of celebrating the special milestone of graduating from school.

With the help of modern technology, crafting your own graduation cap has never been easier. Using a Cricut machine, you can create an impressive and unique graduation cap that is sure to make you stand out at your ceremony.

Before you begin, it is important to measure your head so that the size of your graduation cap will be correct. To do this, measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape or ribbon and note down the measurement. You will also need some sturdy cardboard for the base of your cap and some fabric for the top part.

Once you have all the materials together, it is time to fire up your Cricut machine. The first step is to design the shape of your cap on the Cricut Design Space software.

You should create a circular shape with a diameter that matches the circumference measurement you took earlier. It is important to leave an extra inch around the edge as this will provide space for attaching the fabric later.


Once you have designed your cap shape on Cricut Design Space, it’s time to start cutting! Place your cardboard onto the cutting mat and insert it into your Cricut machine. On Cricut Design Space, select ‘make’ and then select ‘cut’ from the list of options.

Attaching Fabric

Once you have cut out your cardboard base for your graduation cap, it’s time to attach some fabric for decoration. Start by cutting out two circular pieces of fabric in slightly larger sizes than what was cut out from cardboard. Place one piece on top of another and use hot glue or adhesive to attach them together and then attach them onto the cardboard base.

Finishing Touches

To give a professional finish to your graduation cap, use decorative ribbons or glitter glue around its edge. You can also add tassels or other decorations if desired! Finally, attach an elastic string at either end so that it can be worn easily.


Making a graduation cap using a Cricut machine is an easy and fun way to give yourself an impressive-looking customised hat that looks great at any ceremony! By following these simple steps, anyone can create their own unique graduation cap quickly and with minimal effort.