How Do You Make a Cricut Pillow Cover?

Making a pillow cover using a Cricut machine is an easy and creative way to add a personalized touch to your bedroom or living room. With the ability to design and cut fabric with the machine, you can create a custom pillow cover that fits your style and decor.

The first step in making a Cricut pillow cover is designing the pattern you would like. You can either choose from pre-made designs in the Cricut library or create your own unique design.

If you choose to make your own design, you will need to draw it out in either Adobe Illustrator or the Cricut Design Space software. After you have created the pattern, you are ready to start cutting.

Once you have chosen the fabric for your pillow cover, it’s time to load it into the machine. Most machines come with a mat that will hold the fabric in place while it’s being cut. When loading the fabric, be sure that it is securely attached to the mat so that it won’t move while being cut.

After everything is loaded correctly into the machine, select “Cut” on the menu and let your machine do its work! The Cricut should be able to accurately cut out all of your pattern pieces with precision. Once all of your pieces are cut out, use an iron on medium heat setting to press them flat if needed.

Now comes time for assembly! Lay down all of your pattern pieces on a flat surface and arrange them together so that they form a complete pillow cover shape.

Once everything looks correct, begin pinning each piece together using straight pins. After pinning each piece together make sure everything lines up correctly before sewing.

Sewing: To finish off your pillow cover use either a sewing machine or hand stitch it together using needle and thread. When sewing each piece together be sure not to sew too tightly as this can cause puckering and bunching of material. Also be sure not to leave too much slack as this can cause bulging of material at certain points when stuffed with pillows.

Finishing: After all of your pieces are sewn together turn inside out and press flat with an iron if needed. Lastly stuff with pillows and enjoy!

Making a custom Cricut pillow cover is easy enough for anyone who has basic sewing skills and access to a Cricut machine. With just some simple steps, anyone can create their own unique pillow covers for their home.


Creating custom Cricut pillow covers is an easy way to bring personality and style into any room in your home! By following these steps and having access to a Cricut machine, anyone can make their own personalized pillow covers with ease!