How Do You Make a Cake Topper With a Cricut?

Making a cake topper with a Cricut machine is much easier than it sounds. With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can make a unique and eye-catching cake topper for any occasion. To begin, you’ll need your Cricut machine and several sheets of cardstock paper in whatever colors you desire.

The first step is to choose a design for your cake topper. You can use one of the many pre-made designs available from the Cricut library or create your own from scratch using the software. Once you have chosen your design, upload it onto your Cricut machine and adjust it to the desired size for your cake topper.

Next, cut out the design from the cardstock paper using the Cricut cutting blade. You may need to adjust the blade settings depending on how intricate or detailed your design is. Be sure to use a cutting mat underneath so that you don’t damage your work surface or accidentally cut through any other materials.

Once all of the pieces have been cut out, assemble them together into one cohesive shape. Depending on how intricate or detailed your design is, this could be done with either glue or tape. For more complex designs, consider investing in some wooden dowels which can be used as supports behind each piece of cardstock paper in order to give it extra stability.

Finally, decorate it however you like! Glitter, sequins, rhinestones – get creative and make it look amazing! Once all of your decorations are complete, simply attach it onto the top of your cake with toothpicks or skewers and voila – you now have an amazing looking cake topper that was made entirely with your own two hands.

Making a cake topper with a Cricut machine is easy and fun! With just some basic materials such as cardstock paper and some creativity, anyone can make their very own custom cake topper that will impress their friends and family!

So why not give it a try? Who knows what amazing designs you’ll come up with!

Conclusion: Making a cake topper with a Cricut machine is an enjoyable and creative way to spruce up any special occasion’s dessert table! With just some simple materials and software, anyone can create their own unique design that will make their celebration even more special!