How Do You Make a Birthday Yard Sign on a Cricut?

Making a birthday yard sign with a Cricut is a fun, creative way to celebrate a special day. It’s easy to do and gives you the opportunity to show off your artistic side.

To get started, gather your supplies. You’ll need a Cricut machine, a roll of vinyl or cardstock, transfer tape, and scissors. You can find all of these materials at any craft store or online.

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to create your design. Start by opening up the Cricut Design Space software and selecting the type of project you want to make. For this project, choose “Signs & Banners” from the list of available options.

Next, choose from one of the many pre-made templates or create your own design from scratch using shapes, images and text in the Design Space library. Once you have your design ready to go, it’s time to cut it out.

Place your vinyl or cardstock onto the Cricut cutting mat and load it into the machine. Then select “Cut” from the Design Space menu and watch as your design is cut out in perfect detail. Once finished, carefully remove your sign from the cutting mat and use scissors to trim any excess material around the edges if necessary.

To complete the project:

Apply transfer tape. This will help adhere your sign onto whatever surface you choose for display later on.

Peel back one corner of the transfer tape and place it onto one end of your sign before slowly pressing down along its length until fully attached. Peel away backing. After applying transfer tape onto both sides of your sign (front and back), carefully peel away any remaining backing material until only a thin layer is left behind. Apply to surface. Now that all components are ready to go, simply press down on each side of your sign until it firmly sticks onto whatever surface you have chosen for display (metal fence post, wooden door etc).


Making a birthday yard sign with a Cricut is an easy way to create something special for someone close to you on their special day! With just some basic materials like vinyl or cardstock, transfer tape and scissors; along with some creativity in designing; anyone can make an eye-catching yard sign that will be sure to bring smiles all around!