How Do You Make 3d Images on Cricut?

3D images on Cricut can be created in a few steps. It’s a great way to give your projects dimension and make them stand out.

The first step is to choose a 3D design in the Cricut Design Space library or upload an image of your own. If you’re using an uploaded image, make sure it’s an SVG file for best results. You can also find 3D designs online and then upload them into Design Space.

Once you have the design ready, click on “Make It” in Design Space. You’ll then be taken to the “Setup” page where you can adjust the size of your project and select your materials. Make sure to select “Cardstock” as your material type, since this will give you the best results when creating 3D images.

When you click “Continue”, you will be taken to the “Cut Preview” page.

This is where you will need to adjust the settings for your 3D image. On the right side of the screen, there is a drop-down menu with various options for cutting settings. Select “Score & Cut – Score Only 1st Pass & Cut 2nd Pass” from this menu and then click “Continue” again. This will ensure that your image is properly scored so that it folds nicely when assembled.

The next step is to assemble your 3D image by folding along all of the scored lines and taping or gluing it together as needed. Once assembled, you can embellish your 3D image with glitter, paint, or other decorations for added effect!

With just a few simple steps, anyone can create beautiful 3D images on their Cricut machine! All that’s needed is a design, cardstock paper, and a few basic tools like scissors and tape or glue to assemble the finished project. With some creative thinking and extra decorations like glitter or paint, these projects can truly become unique works of art!