How Do You Level Up Fast in Design Home?

Design Home is a creative decorating game that allows you to design and decorate virtual rooms using furniture and other items from real-world brands. Players can earn stars and coins, which can be used to purchase furniture and décor items.

The more stars the player has, the higher their level. Players are rewarded with in-game rewards such as coins or tokens when they level up.

To level up quickly in Design Home, there are a few key strategies players should employ. The first is to complete all of the daily challenges as soon as they are released.

Every day, new challenges are released for players to complete for extra coins and stars. Completing these daily challenges will help you gain experience points quickly.

Another great way to level up quickly is by participating in design competitions. Design competitions are special events where players can submit their best designs for other players to vote on. Players who win the most votes will receive bonus coins and stars, which can help them level up faster.

Finally, another great way to level up quickly is by taking part in bonus events. Bonus events usually offer more rewards than regular gameplay, so participating in them can help you gain experience points more quickly. Some bonus events even offer exclusive items that can be used to decorate your virtual home.


Leveling up quickly in Design Home requires some strategy and dedication but with the right approach it is possible! By completing daily challenges, participating in design competitions and taking part in bonus events, you will be able to gain experience points faster and move up levels quicker than ever before!