How Do You Get Hermes Vestige Part D?

If you’re looking to complete your collection of Vestige parts in Code Vein, you might be wondering how to get your hands on Hermes Vestige Part D. This Vestige part is essential for unlocking all of the memories and abilities associated with Hermes, so it’s worth taking the time to track it down. Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding Hermes Vestiges

Before we dive into how to get Part D specifically, let’s take a moment to review what Hermes Vestiges are and why they matter. In Code Vein, Vestiges are fragments of memories belonging to other Revenants that you can collect throughout the game. By restoring these Vestiges, you can gain new gifts (abilities) and learn more about the game’s lore.

Hermes Vestiges in particular are associated with the character Hermes, who is a key figure in Code Vein’s story. Collecting all of his Vestige parts will unlock powerful abilities and reveal more about his tragic past.

How to Get Hermes Vestige Part D

So how do you actually get your hands on Part D? The short answer is that it’s found in the Provisional Government Outskirts area, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take first.

Firstly, make sure that you have already collected Hermes Vestige Parts A, B, and C. These can be found throughout various areas of Code Vein – check out online guides if you’re having trouble locating them.

Once you have these three parts in your possession, head to the Provisional Government Outskirts area. This area is located towards the end of the game and can only be accessed once you’ve defeated certain bosses.

Provisional Government Outskirts

When you arrive at this area, make your way through until you reach a large room with a tree in the center. You’ll need to defeat a boss known as “the Successor of the Breath” in this room.

After defeating the boss, interact with the tree in the center of the room to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene, you’ll receive Hermes Vestige Part D as well as some important story information.

Final Thoughts

While getting Hermes Vestige Part D requires some effort and progress through Code Vein’s story, it’s ultimately worth it for the powerful abilities and lore that it unlocks. Make sure to collect all of the other Hermes Vestiges first, then head to the Provisional Government Outskirts area and defeat the boss in order to get your hands on Part D.

And there you have it – now you know how to get Hermes Vestige Part D in Code Vein. Happy hunting!