How Do You Get a Discount on Cricut?

Cricut is a popular brand of cutting machines and accessories used for crafting and designing. They have an extensive selection of products, ranging from paper and fabric to vinyl and felt. If you’re looking to save money on Cricut products, there are several strategies you can use to get a discount.

Sign Up For Cricut Access:

Cricut Access is a subscription-based service that provides members access to hundreds of different designs, fonts, images, projects, and more. As a member, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts on Cricut products. There are three different plans available: basic, premier, and annual – each offering additional benefits that can help you save money.

Shop During Sales & Holidays:

Cricut often offers special discounts during holidays like Mother’s Day or Black Friday. If you’re planning on making a purchase soon, be sure to check the Cricut website for any upcoming sales or promotions that might help you save some money. Additionally, they often have flash sales with even deeper discounts on select items throughout the year.

Join the Cricut Maker Community:

The Cricut Maker Community is an online group of crafters who share tips and tricks for creating projects with their machines. Joining the group will not only give you access to helpful advice from other users but also exclusive deals and discounts from Cricut. You can join the community by signing up for an account on their website or by following them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Use Coupon Sites & Online Deal Platforms:

There are many websites offering coupons and promotional codes for various products including those offered by Cricut. These sites often list current deals as well as discounts that have previously been used by other customers so you can get an idea of what kind of savings might be available when shopping at Cricut.


Getting a discount on Cricut products is possible if you take advantage of their subscription service (Cricut Access), shop during sales & holidays, join the maker community, or use coupon sites & online deal platforms – all of which can help you save money while still enjoying quality craft supplies.