How Do You Draft a Landscape Design?

If you want to create a beautiful landscape design, it requires careful planning and consideration of the elements that will be included in the design. A successful landscape design can transform a space into a functional, attractive, and enjoyable outdoor environment. The following steps outline how to draft a landscape design.

Step One: Identify Your Design Goals

Before beginning your landscape design, you need to determine what your goals are for the space. Do you want to create an inviting outdoor entertaining area or a tranquil retreat?

Do you need more privacy or an area for children to play? Knowing what your goals are will help you determine what elements should be included in the design.

Step Two: Gather Ideas

After identifying your goals for the space, begin gathering ideas for your landscape design. Look at magazines and websites for inspiration, take photos of landscapes that appeal to you, or visit local parks or gardens. You can also consider the existing plants and structures in your yard when brainstorming ideas.

Step Three: Create a Plan

Once you have gathered ideas and inspiration for your landscape design, it’s time to create a plan. Begin by sketching out the existing features of your yard such as trees, fences, paths, etc. Then sketch in the proposed features such as new plants, paths, water features etc. You may find it helpful to draw each element separately so that it is easier to move them around if needed.

Step Four: Choose Your Plants

Choosing the right plants is essential when creating a successful landscape design.

Consider factors such as climate conditions (sunlight/shade), soil type/drainage requirements and any maintenance needs when selecting plants. It is also important to choose plants that will work together aesthetically and will not overpower each other.

Step Five: Install Your Design

Once you have chosen all of the elements that will be included in your landscape design, it is time to install them in your yard. Depending on the complexity of your plan this may require professional help; however if you have chosen hardy plants and easy-to-install fixtures such as pavers or edging then this can be done yourself with some basic tools.


Creating a beautiful outdoor space doesn’t have to be difficult – with careful planning and consideration of all elements involved drafting a successful landscape design is within reach! By following these steps – identify goals, gather ideas, create a plan, choose plants and install – creating an inviting outdoor space can be achieved with ease.