How Do You Cut Vinyl on Silhouette Portrait 2?

Cutting Vinyl on Silhouette Portrait 2

Vinyl cutting is a popular method of creating stencils, decals, signs, and more. The Silhouette Portrait 2 is an excellent vinyl cutter for those who want to do professional-grade cutting. With the Silhouette Portrait 2, you can easily cut out intricate designs with ease.

The first step in vinyl cutting with the Silhouette Portrait 2 is to pick your material. Vinyl comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

The most important factor to consider when picking your vinyl is that it needs to be compatible with your machine. Once you have chosen your material, be sure to check that you have the correct blades for cutting it.

The next step is to load your vinyl into the machine and connect it to your computer. The Silhouette Studio software allows you to control all of the functions of the machine from your computer. Through this software, you will be able to adjust settings such as blade depth and speed for optimal performance when cutting your material.

Once everything is set up and ready to go, it’s time to start designing! You can design whatever shape or image you want using the software’s drawing tools or by importing an image from another program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Once you are happy with how your design looks, it’s time to send it to the cutter.

Before sending your design off, make sure that all of the settings are correct for cutting out your vinyl – blade depth, speed, pressure and more should all be adjusted according to what type of material you are using and how intricate your design is. Once everything is set up correctly, press “send” on the software and watch as your design comes alive!

The last step in vinyl cutting with a Silhouette Portrait 2 is weeding away any excess material from around the edges of your design so that only what you want remains intact. This process can take some time but will result in a beautiful finished product!


Cutting vinyl on a Silhouette Portrait 2 requires some preparation but can be done quickly and easily once everything is set up correctly. With this machine, users can create beautiful designs with precision accuracy that will last for years!