How Do You Cut Vinyl Decals on Silhouette Cameo?

Vinyl decals offer a great way to customize your things, whether it is your car, laptop, or even your coffee mug. Cut vinyl decals with the Silhouette Cameo are easy and fast. The Cameo is a craft machine that can be used to cut through materials such as paper, cardstock, heat transfer material, adhesive vinyl, fabric, and more.

Before cutting your vinyl decal with the Silhouette Cameo there are a few steps to take.

First you will need to gather all the supplies you need for the project. This includes the vinyl decal material, transfer tape or contact paper, scissors or craft knife, and the Silhouette Cameo machine. Once you have gathered all of these items you can begin to prepare for cutting your vinyl decal.

The next step is to create your design in the Silhouette Studio software. You can either download designs from the online store or create your own design from scratch. Once you have created your design you will need to size it correctly so that it fits onto the vinyl sheet that you are using.

When your design is ready to be cut out of vinyl material make sure that you select “vinyl” as the material type in the software and also select “mirror” if you are cutting out a words or letters so that they appear correctly when placed on the surface.

Next take your vinyl material and make sure it is securely attached onto the cutting mat with masking tape so that it does not move around during cutting. Then load this mat into machine and press “send” in order for it to start cutting out your design.

Once it has finished cutting out your design carefully remove it from mat using scissors or craft knife. If necessary apply transfer tape or contact paper on top of cut out design in order for it easier place onto desired surface.

Using a Silhouette Cameo machine is an easy and fast way to cut vinyl decals in any shape and size desired. All you need is some basic supplies such as vinyl material, transfer tape/contact paper, scissors/craft knife and also some creative ideas for designing custom decals!