How Do You Cut a 12×24 on a Cricut?

Cutting 12×24 materials on a Cricut machine is a great way to create large and precise cuts for your craft projects. The Cricut cutting machine allows you to cut a variety of materials, including paper, fabric, vinyl, and cardstock. With the proper settings and materials, you can easily cut 12×24 shapes with your Cricut machine.

To begin, make sure that your Cricut machine is set up properly to accommodate the size of your material. Depending on the model of your Cricut machine, you may need to adjust the roller bar and/or replace the cutting mat. Once this is done, select your material settings in Design Space.

If you are unsure what settings to use for 12×24 materials, consult the online resources available from Cricut or on their website for more information.

Once the settings are selected and your material is properly placed on the cutting mat, draw or upload your design into Design Space. Make sure that you double check that everything is correct before sending it to cut. When selecting cuts in Design Space, make sure that “Keep Proportions” is turned off so that you can create custom-sized shapes.

When sending to cut, adjust the pressure setting as needed based on the material being used. The pressure setting will affect how deeply and precisely the blade cuts into the material. If you are having trouble getting a clean cut or if there are areas where it looks like it’s not cutting all the way through, increase or decrease pressure as needed.

Finally, take care when removing your 12×24 shapes from the cutting mat as they can be fragile due to their large size. Gently peel away from one corner and work your way around until all pieces have been removed.

Cutting 12×24 materials with a Cricut machine requires some preparation and adjustments but is an easy process once everything is set up correctly. With Design Space’s ability to create custom-sized shapes and adjustable pressure settings for different materials, creating large-scale projects with precise cuts has never been easier.