How Do You Create a Second Floor in Home Design 3D?

Creating a second floor in Home Design 3D is an easy and useful way to add more space and design options to your home. With Home Design 3D, you can add multiple levels to your home, including a second floor.

Home Design 3D allows you to design the entire second floor of your home, from the walls and windows to the furniture and fixtures. You can even customize the layout of each room on the second floor so that it fits your needs and preferences.

To get started with designing a second floor in Home Design 3D, begin by selecting the type of roof that you want for your home. You can choose from different roof styles, including gable, hip, gambrel or flat roofs. Once you have selected the type of roof for your home, you will be able to adjust its height and angle according to your preferences.

Once you have chosen a roof style for your home, it is time to start designing the layout of your second floor. In Home Design 3D, this is done by creating “rooms” on the plan view of the interior walls.

You can adjust the size and shape of each room as needed. Once all of your rooms are set up on the plan view, it is time to begin adding elements such as walls and windows. This can be done by dragging objects onto the plan view from one of the many available object libraries in Home Design 3D.

You can also customize each room with furniture pieces as well as other fixtures such as lights and doors. All objects placed on a plan view can be adjusted in terms of size and orientation for a perfect fit within each room design. If desired, you can even add additional levels above or below the existing second floor in order to create a multi-level space within your home.


Creating a second floor in Home Design 3D is an easy way to increase living space and add interesting designs elements into a home’s interior layout. The process begins with selecting a roof style for your home before building out rooms on a plan view with walls and windows as desired. You can then customize each room with furniture pieces or other fixtures before adding additional levels if desired.